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Classic Silicone Anal Beads with Rings 10 Inch

No 8206

Description of the goods: Classic Silicone Anal Beads with Rings 10 Inch

Model No.: 8206

Color: Orange, Blue, Red, Black, Purple


Product Length: 32cm

Diameter of the biggest Bead: 2.3cm  

Diameter of the middle Bead: 2cm

Diameter of the smallest Bead: 1cm

10 Beads: Exactly;

The length between Bead No.1 and No.10:26cm

Waterproof Rating: IPX8 Level

Key Features:

* Smooth siliconeanal beads in a graduated style for easy insertion

* 10 inches oftapered beads are perfect for gentle, incremental play

* Remove slowly atthe point of climax for heightened sensations

* Ideal for analplay beginners

* Hypoallergenicsilicone is best used with water-based lubricant


A whole new breed of bead, this Classic Anal Beads are an orgasm-igniting   super toy with   a   graduated   length that's suitable for all levels. Ease in a few beads to send sensation shooting from butt to   body,   for   chart-topping climactic intensity.

Anal beads are a great way to experienceanal stimulation slowly and gently. With their graduated shape, smooth siliconespheres and finger loop for easy and safe retrieval, whether you're an old proat butt insertable or a new to the pleasure of anal play, these beads areideal.

Lubricate the entire length of the anal beads and your butt with lashings of your favorite water-based   anal lube beforeplay.

Anal Beads (1).jpgAnal Beads (5).jpgAnal Beads (9).jpgAnal Beads (2).jpgAnal Beads (3).jpgAnal Beads (6).jpgAnal Beads (4).jpgAnal Beads (7).jpgAnal Beads (10).jpgAnal Beads (11).jpgAnal Beads (8).jpgAnal Beads (12).jpg